Need A Role Model For Your Picky Eater

Remy - He'lll eat anything

Need A Role Model For Your Picky Eater

Meet Remy, a 10-year old boy who apparently will eat anything!

And that includes a balut or balot.Inside a Balut

What is a balut you might ask – well you might be sorry you did but…

Balut are duck eggs that are incubated (kept at correct temperature so they develop) until the fetus ishas developed feathers and a beak, and then hard boiled while still alive. Crunchy and feathery – yummm?

Like Mikey from the breakfast commercialsMikey from the Life Cereal for Life cereal back in the early 70’s,

He Likes It!

Read more about balut on Wikipedia.

boy eats balut or balot picky eater weird food

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