Dog Tries To Befriend Boy With Down Syndrome

Dog tries to befriend boy with down syndrome

Dog Tries To Befriend Boy With Down Syndrome

A Dog (Labrador Retriever?) tries to make friends with a young boy (Hernán) from Argentina who has Down Syndrome.

Not sure if the boy tries to hug the dog (around the 3:14 mark) or is trying to tell him to leave him alone. In any event the dog is very gentle and quite persistent. What do you think?

Video Boy dog down syndrome downs lab labrador retriever nice funny lol wtf

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Dog Tries To Befriend Boy With Down Syndrome — 1 Comment

  1. This kind of interactive behavior is not that uncommon in dogs, and I believe it is one the the characteristics noted on intelligence scales for dogs because it relates to trainability. Dogs can be incredibly smart and caring creatures. If this dog is part of this little boy’s family, he is very fortunate to have her in his life.

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