Measles – Morals, Ethics, Statistics & Dr. Jack Wolfson – Who’s Right?

Dr. Jack Wolfson

Measles – Morals, Ethics, Statistics & Dr. Jack Wolfson – Who’s Right?

Arizona cardiologist and vaccine refuser Dr. Jack Wolfson stated on CNN, explaining why he doesn’t seem to support vaccinations for his kids, “I’m not going to sacrifice the well-being of my child. My child is pure,” and “It’s not my responsibility to be protecting their child.”

I’m shocked that a medical professional would make such a statement, for several reasons. Ethically/morally it would seem reprehensible that a doctor, that likely has sworn to uphold the Hippocratic Oath, or some other type of professional oath, which probably includes some form of the statement “Primum non nocere” – First, do no harm. Regardless of your feelings on vacinating a particular child I would suspect many or even most vaccine refusers would prefer that other children be vaccinated, ie they just want their child to be “pure” and rely others to vaccinate.

So to me a doctor proclaiming he doesn’t want his child vaccinated would seem to go against his, and his child’s, best interests assuming some people mimic his position. Wouldn’t it be better for him if everyone except his child was vaccinated? I don’t do math, especially statistics, so perhaps someone with skills could refute this but if I didn’t want to vaccinate my kid (I don’t support this nor do I have a kid!) I would not go on a national TV show and proclaim it. I would be singing the praises of vaccinations in the hope that more people would get them thus increasing the odds that my kid wouldn’t get measles or other diseases. Am I missing something?

I’ve heard many people expressing outrage at this doctor’s statements but I don’t see them doing anything except blowing off steam on social media sites. If you feel this doctor has somehow violated a public trust or professional oath and want to complain I’ve included a link to a document that you can send to the Arizona Medical Board here.

Click here to download the complaint form. Open with Microsoft Word Pad.


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